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Flexpod Express implementation guide NVA-0018



I am following a great guide for setting up a flexpod setup. (http://www.netapp.com/us/media/nva-0018-flexpod-express.pdf)

But i get an error when setup export-policy on netapp. (FAS2650, ontap 9.1RC)

On page 34 it says the following:


Run all commands to configure SMB on the Vserver.

1. Secure the default rule for the default export policy and create the FlexPod export policy.

vserver export-policy rule modify -vserver Infra-SVM -policyname default -ruleindex 1 -rorule never -rwrule never -superuser none


My filer response with:

Error: command failed: entry doesn't exist


What does that command do? Later in the guide I will setup export-policy rule for all my hosts, but at this point there are no rules to modify.
Do I really need to enter that command?

Thanks in advanced..


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