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Folder not showing on CIFS




I have noticed a strange behaviour regarding folders inside shares hosted on a CIFS SVM that is runnung on a 2 node clustered FAS2552.


I have deployed the user home folders on this CIFS. Recently a user has requested some data from administration, that should be stored in his home drive. So i have created a new folder and put the data in the users folder (\\filer\home$\someuser\datafolder). When the user opens his home drive (mapped by the ms active directory on logon) he doesn't see the folder on his drive and is not able to access it by direct accessing (neither by \\filer\home$\someuser\datafolder nor by h:\datafolder). After a few minutes, the folder was appearing to the user.


Is this an expected behavior with CDOT due to the clustering of data? If not, what may cause this effect?


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Sorry but this doesn't make sense to me


Are you saying you enabled dynamic home drives, by enabling home-directory feature and enabling search paths?  Thats the first thing i need to clear up.


Based onw what you said, none of this should be an issue. 






no, I am not saying that I have enabled the dynamic home drive feature. The home is a standard shared folder on the cifs svm.


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First, you should look into the dynamic home directory feature.  


Second, your setup with a share like you presented looks ok.  


There is really no explanation unless something is configured wrong on your side


Hi Sascha,


Is it possible that ABE is enabled on your share "home$"? Do they have NTFS permissions to access the data?

This might explain the behaviour you are seeing if the user does not have permissions and ownership. See the following KB article:




Have you tried reseting NTFS permissions and file ownship on the folder in the users home directory you copied for them and ensure those permissions and file ownership are inherited to all files subfolders within the directory?



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Sorry for the late response. I've been on some vmware training and on vacation.


ABE is not enabled, but NTFS permissions are set correctly and are inherited as expected from the parent folder. The user is able to access content that was stored earlier. I have done some more testing with other users and other shares with an intermitting result. Sometimes, a file or folder is visible and accessable to the authorized users immediately and sometimes they can see and access the content only after a few minutes. There is no pattern in the behavior. Maybe it's a IO performance issue, and the request ist "queued", since the fas2552 does host NFS and iSCSI VM too for Exchange and VMWare ESX (~ 200 VMs in multinode cluster)... or oplocks are enabled... Had some issues with 'em a few years ago on a sevenmode FAS...


I did not set up the environment on my own (i've joined the team later on) and i'wasn't able to determine a major misconfiguration so far (mainly because i miss the default baseline and the most parts work).


I think there will be no real solution.