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LUN Configuration




  1. I have NetApp 2552 with 17 1TB disks running OnTap 8.2.3P3 7 Mode (Dual Controller)
  2. I have a Dell Server with dual ported HBA card
  3. I have connected each port of Dell Server HBA card with one controller each.
  4. I want to have a LUN (maximum possible size) which can be included in the Volume Group in Dell Server running RHEL 7.
  5. The Disk available will be used for storing mail boxes with Cyrus-IMAP.
  6. Currently I do not have a SAN switch.


Currently, Controller-1 has been configured with one agreegate of 8 disks and controller-2 has been configured with 7 disks (RAID-DP).  2 Disks are Hot Spare


I want to have HA configured with resources which I have.


What are the best options taking into account


  1. Failure of one of the controllers
  2. Failure of one of the HBA card ports.


Thanks in advance.