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Fpolicy server connection resets if SCREEN REQUEST takes more time to process



We are facing a fpolicy connection problem.

Problem : Our F-Policy server is expected to take upto 30 mins to process SCREEN requests for bigger files. In such cases, NetApp C-mode filer resets the connection with F-Policy server after some time.

Is there any way which we can use in such case, so that NetApp C-Mode filer will not reset the connection.

What we have tried :

We were relying on following arguments in the api fpolicy-policy-external-engine-create. But what we realized is, actual range for these arguments is far less than their documented range.

Argument name


Documented range

Actual range


Timeout in seconds for the FPolicy server to

process a screen request

Default value set for this field is 20 seconds.




Timeout in seconds before a cluster node

aborts a screen request

Default value set for this field is 40 seconds.




Timeout in seconds in which a throttled FPolicy

server must complete at least one screen


If no request is processed within the timeout,

Data ONTAP terminates the connection to the

FPolicy server. The default value set for this

field is 60 seconds.



These values are taken from the document “FPolicy SDK for ONTAP Cluster Mode.pdf”.

Thank you,

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