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flow control metrics on x1140a?



I'm comparing the ifstat-a -v output between an F2240 w/an x1160a adapter and a V3240 w/an x1140a adapter.   I want to see ethernet flow control metrics.   In particular, the Xon, Xoff and/or  PAUSE metrics for both transmit and receive for our 10g interfaces.  Flow control is set to full on both the 2240/1160a and the 3240/1140a.

The F2240/x1160a shows Xon and Xoff metrics for both transmit and receive with the ifstat -a -v output.    However,  the V3240 w/th x1140a adapter does NOT display any flow control metrics (Xon, Xoff or PAUSE) with the ifstat -a -v output.   Does anybody know why this may be?   I'd like to determine if our V3240/x1140a is receiving PAUSE frames from the switch.

We're running ONTAP 7M 8.1.4P2 on both the 2240 and 3240.



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