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Is the NFS limit exceeded? with num msg=2282599


I see the following num msg number when I execute the nfsstat -d. What limit and the number does this signify? Following is the configuration of the filer as well. Please

num msg=2282599, too many mbufs=0, rpcErr=26, svrErr=0

NFS reply cache statistics:


InProg hits     Misses          Cache hits      False hits    

27825           2804017482      2274            1158          


In progress     Misses          Cache hits      False hits    

0               0               0               0             

nfs reply cache size=1748800, hash size=27653

flows alloc'd=1103, max flows=17488

flows used=231, flows free=872

reserve entries=108, nflow LRU=0, grow LRU=329, opinfo releases=0

entry alloc fail=0, reply alloc fail=0, flow alloc fail=0, connection drops=0

Connection drops because of in progress hits:

    v3 conn dropped=0

    v4 conn dropped, no reconnect=0

num msg=2282599, too many mbufs=0, rpcErr=26, svrErr=0

How may IOPS and how many NFS requests can the filer support? How to improve this NFS issues on the filer?

model details:

NetApp Release 8.1.2 7-Mode: Tue Oct 30 19:56:51 PDT 2012

    System Rev: B2

    System Storage Configuration: Multi-Path HA

    System ACP Connectivity: Full Connectivity

    slot 0: System Board 2.3 GHz (System Board XVI B2)

                Model Name:         FAS3250

                Part Number:        111-01062

                Revision:           B2

                BIOS version:       5.2.0

                Loader version:     3.4

                Processors:         8

                Processor type:     Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU           L5410  @ 2.33GHz

                Memory Size:        20480 MB

                Memory Attributes:  Bank Interleaving


                                    Rank Interleaving

                                    Chipkill ECC

                NVMEM Size:         2000 MB of Main Memory Used

                CMOS RAM Status:    OK

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