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Has someone a working setup with ONTAP 9.x and Oracle DNFS? (we've problems after 7-mode transition)


We had a working setup running Oracle DNFS on a 7-mode FC MetroCluster. After transistion to C-Dot with ONTAP 9.5 DNFS produces strange behavior, slowness and Oracle errors. We don't find any reason. At the end we disabled DNFS and switched to NFS. We search for anyone who has a working C-Dot setup with DNFS to compare configurations (perhaps we missed something).

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Been a while but if I recall you want to have at least one network interface (LIF) per controller and the oracle dnfs config file should contain all those IP addresses. 

also make sure

your export policy rules are correct

 disable udp on the nfs vserver

 enable 64-bit file handles

 make sure flow control is off at the netapp ports and the switch and it would not hurt to employ on the host also

 use jumbo frames if possible and check they are properly enabled end to end! People miss this so check!


 here is the odd part

 of you are using an ifgrp and Oracle is the only thing accessing you may want to break into access ports and define one LIF per interface instead and update Oracle. It will use all paths much more efficiently!



Many customers use Oracle. Have you confirmed this is not a storage or network bottleneck? I'm making a guess that's a yes because switching to regular NFS made it faster.


Maybe you can have a chat with the account team to see if they have resources, but you might be better of checking with Oracle. Also, you might review some of the Oracle TRs. This URL will have some for Solidfire and E-Series, but there are a few that might be good: https://mysupport.netapp.com/search?access=a&q=oracle&q.filter=AND(OR(AND(cot:%22product%20documentation%22,cos:%22technical%20report%22)),Language:En...


I don't know much about Oracle but hopefully that points you in the right direction. Support doesn't have resources to troubleshoot Oracle as we only handle the NetApp side of things. I'd check the TRs, maybe the account team, but Oracle proper can really help the best.