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Hide .dot files in Cluster Mode


I am running NetApp release 8.2.3P2 having just upgraded to Cluster mode from 7-mode. Our unit has a mixture of Linux users and Windows users, and people who use both depending on what they want to do.

For Windows users, when they open their network shares they can see all the hidden dot files files set up by Linux, even though in Windows folder options is set to hide hidden files; in other words the NetApp options are over riding Windows.  In 7-mode these files could be hidden using cifs options to show or hide dot files - which is what we did, and it all worked nicely.

Looking in our autosupport we can see in the OPTIONS.txt file that the cifs options

cifs.show_dotfiles is on


cifs.show_snapshot is off

So it appears that the options are still there.  Unfortunately you can't set cifs options in the same way as you could in 7-mode for cluster mode, and I can't simply set the option cifs.show_dotfiles to off.

The command vserver cifs share properties does not show this option.






As off now clustered Data ONTAP does not support the command  "options cifs.show_dotfiles"

Looks like the team is working on it.





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Thanks Renifa

I thought that would be the case.  In the mean time I've created a Windows Powershell script hideHidden.ps1 (stored in a Q:\Windows\Scripts\ directory) users can run (home directories being mounted as an H drive)


  Write-Host "Hiding Hidden files"
  Set-Location H:\
  dir .* | foreach {$_.Attributes = $_.Attributes,'Hidden'}


The script is run from a batch file (which is what the users run)


  @echo off
  cd Q:\Windows\Scripts\
  %SystemRoot%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -File hideHidden.ps1


This works fine




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