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Space release after volume delete


How space is released after volume deletion in ONTAP 8.3.1?

I quisced/break/deleted Snapmirror destination. I did nothing on the source. Then offlined/deleted destination volume, volume disappeared from 'volume show', but no space was released.

I found the following message in logs:

INFORMATIONAL wafl.vvol.renamed: Volume 'vsCIFS_foto_mirror@vserver:3baa94ea-039d-11e5-acfe-00a0987ca09e' renamed to 'vsCIFS_foto_mirror_1035@vserver:3baa94ea-039d-11e5-acfe-00a0987ca09e'


I checked space in 8 hours (before midnight), no changes, still space was not released.

But it in the morning space finally released in aggregate.

I found this at 4 AM (in 13 hours after deletion)

INFORMATIONAL wafl.vvol.destroyed: Volume vsCIFS_foto_mirror_1035@vserver:3baa94ea-039d-11e5-acfe-00a0987ca09e destroyed.


In 7-mode a background scanner started after deletion and you could see how space is released.

Can anybody explain how this works in cDOT?


Thank you.



Re: Space release after volume delete

Deleted volumes are added to volume recovery queue and removed after 12 hours. You can change it using vserver modify -vserver <vserver> -volume-delete-retention-hours or explicitly remove queued volumes using volume recovery-qeueue purge.

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Re: Space release after volume delete


Thank you. You're right. It is new way of delete starting from 8.3.

I found full answer here:



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