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Historical CPU Data



In order to enable CPU monioting on OCUM 9.5 do we need to actually acess that via CLI or is the setting enabled on the actual cluster nods themselves?


The command I have is the following - "dfm option set cpumoninterval=30m" or you can set the interval at whatever time you want.


Bascially, somehow within OCUM preferably I ned to get historical CPU data, not real-time, which I already know how to accomplish. It must be historical. My nodes are running ONTAP 9.3.




Re: Historical CPU Data

OCUM keeps track of performance information historically as long as the server exists. The data is in the node performance details, and there is a chart for utilization.


Does that help? Please let us know if you need clarification.

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Re: Historical CPU Data

That worked for me. 



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