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Hot spare on RAID-DP

Hi everyone,

I'm going to go straight into this.  I have a FAS2240-2 and one of the controllers is owner of att eh 1TB SATA disks.  Thats 24 in total.  We currently have 1 aggregate spead across 2 RAID-DP groups.  each RAID group is 11 disks.  2 parity + 9 data.  This leaves 2 disk spare on the controller.  One theoretically for each raid group. 

Now the problem.

if I perform a "sysconfig -r" I see the 2 disks marked as spare.  Great!  If I look at disks in the GUI I also see the disks marked as spare.  However, if I check the aggregate and click edit under disk details it only shows 1 spare. 

WHY? images are below/attached.


Re: Hot spare on RAID-DP

Okay, you definitely have 2 spares, there is no doubt about it.

I think the circled bit tells you, that the aggregate can be actually *expanded* by a 1 spare disk maximum, not 2, as you can't have a system without spares (well, in most cases )


Re: Hot spare on RAID-DP


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