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How can I destroy a volume that contain a busy snapshot ?

I need your help.

I have issue that can't destroy the volume which has a busy snapshot for OSSV.

Let me explain waht I did.

# I tried to offline a volume for destroy.

vol offline FA01_Vol11

The following prevents offline of volume FA01_Vol11

        qtree replication destination

vol offline: Volume is in use by other operations. (FA01_Vol11).

# Then I deleted all snapshot except busy one.

snap list  FA01_Vol11

olume FA01_Vol11


  %/used       %/total  date          name

----------  ----------  ------------  --------

  1% ( 1%)    1% ( 1%)  Feb 24 01:12  JPTDC1NS02(2014870149)_FA01_Vol11-base.54 (busy,snapvault)

# The snapshot is used by OSSV.

To delete the snapshot, I need to release OSSV.

However the filer is the secondary system and "release" have to run on the source system.

The source system is already decommissioned.

What should I do ?

Do you have any idea to delete the snap shout forcefully in busy status ?

I also let you now the OSSV status.

ns02 snapvault status -l

Snapvault is ON.


Destination:            JPTDC1NS02:/vol/FA01_Vol11/YC0WS101-E

Status:                 Idle

Progress:               -

State:                  Snapvaulted

Lag:                    1452:19:12

Mirror Timestamp:       Sun Feb 23 01:05:04 JST 2014

Base Snapshot:          JPTDC1NS02(2014870149)_FA01_Vol11-base.54

Current Transfer Type:  Update

Current Transfer Error: could not read from socket

Contents:               Transitioning

Last Transfer Type:     Update

Last Transfer Size:     4933076 KB

Last Transfer Duration: 03:45:24

Last Transfer From:

Best regards.


Re: How can I destroy a volume that contain a busy snapshot ?


Try to turn OFF and ON the option "snapvault.enable" on the filer when there are no snapvault transfers happening.  Now try deleting the volume.


Vijay R

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