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Removing a Volume from a vFiler and adding it back


We have a unique procedure to follow next week and would love some insight regarding one particular question.  We have a 2220 that we are moving from one office to another.  Before taking it to the new office we will first deliver it to our main headquarters, connect it to our network, and copy some additional files to a CIFS vFiler on the 2220 (the reason is to copy the files over our fast network connection).

The problem is, we cannot actually run the vFiler on our network at headquarters, so I need to remove the data volume from the vFiler, share it at the filer level, copy the files, and then move the data volume back to the vFiler.  When it arrives at the final destination, the vFiler will work fine and the new data will be there.

My concerns/question are as follows:

  1. What effect does removing a volume from a CIFS vFiler and then adding it back have on NTFS permissions (if any)?  I do notice that the Multistore Maintenance Guide says "After you move a storage unit from one vFiler unit to another, the security information associated with the files in the storage unit is retained", however it doesn't spell out NTFS and I want to verify.
  2. I plan to stop the vFiler while it is at our headquarters (even though it won't be functional anyway) to try to ensure no disruption in share permissions either.  I figure if it's not running when I remove and re-add the volume, it won't make any changes to the share permissions.  Does this sound reasonable?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Removing a Volume from a vFiler and adding it back

To clarify one detail: the quote from the Multistore Guide refers to moving a volume from one vFiler to another, not to removing a volume from a vFiler and then adding it back.  If I follow the move approach, I suppose it could move the volume to vFiler0 and then back again.  Any thoughts on this?

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