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How to migrate from Data ONTAP 8.2.3 7-Mode to Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3


Hello Guys,

I have two FAS2240-2 running 8.2.3  7-Mode, each one has connected a disk shelf (DS-2246 and DS4243) and I want to migrate to Clustered Data Ontap.

I buy a FAS2552 running 8.3P1 and two IOM6 modules. I want to convert this two FAS2240 to DS 2246 and connect all 4 DS to FAS2552. 

At this moment FAS2552 has nothing configured, only the management.

Can you help me with the best solution for this scenario (what should I do first, can I use 7MTT,snap mirror, etc..) ? I also have to move the data from old systems to new one (I have a maintenance window).


FAS2240-2 - 24 x 600 GB SAS disks

DS2246 - 24 x 1.2 TB SAS disks 


FAS2240-2 - 24 x 900 GB SAS disks

DS4243 - 24 x 2TB SATA disks


FAS2552 - 4 x 800 GB SDD disks

               - 20 x 1.2 TB SAS disks


Thanks in advance,




Ok, you are a little ahead of yourself.


What are teh 7-mode filers serving?  Cifs/NFS, vfilers, etc....

ALso, since this is a two node cDOT cluster, you have to make sure you setup the proper options...


How familiar are you with cDOT?  


7-mode filers is used as a datastore for esx hosts in a SAN solution with FC.

I'm not very familiar with cDOT so I also asked some help from our netapp reseller for this migration, but first of all I want to have your opinion/solution. They can provide us temporary licenses if is necessary.

What kind of options do you mean?

I don't want to have step by step procedure, I just want to know what is the best solution.

Thanks !


Copy free transition (CFT) is not an option in this case because the platforms involved are not supported as either source or destination controllers for CFT.  


At a high level, you're looking at a copy based transition (CBT), where you later convert the vacated platforms into disk shelves.  Each 2240-2 needs 2 IOM modules, so you'd need 4 total to conver both 2240's.  For VMware workloads storage vmotion is a great way to do the transition.  7MTT can generally handle other workloads or RDMs in the environment, but additional discovery and transition planning should be performed to work out the specifics.






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I can use storage vmotion for vmware workloads, but for esx boot datastore ? snapmirror ?


You could transition the boot luns, but its often simpler to just provision new boot luns and reload ESX.  Do one or two at a time and you can swap out your underlying storage without taking an outage at the VM level. In a large environment you can autodeploy, but in a small one a simple reinstall takes the least effort.



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Sounds like a perfect case for a copy free transition; I wonder if this is technically possible.

The obvious problem of copy based transition - it needs the same amount of space on target as on source. Looking at specs above, target lacks quite a bit to copy data over. This will need swing gear, so it is more management/sales issue. Once enough space is available, technical part is easy (for a given definition of easy).

BTW I deliberately used "technically possible" not "supported" 🙂