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How to use the RBAC User Creator for Data ONTAP

I have a customer that is looking for the latest release of ontapPrivs.xml. He is stating the DL for this ToolChest you get an old version. 

The old version does not have VSC 6.0 and 6.1. Also

please have the development team update the SDW portion. At least add 7.0.x

and 7.1.x for privs.







Rodney Jones

Support Account Manager- DoDHealthcare

919.476.8143 Direct phone



Re: How to use the RBAC User Creator for Data ONTAP

Rodney the latest XML is attached to the original post of this thread. It includes support for VSC 6.0 and 6.1. Just download and replace the file, then restart the RUC tool.

As for the new SDW privileges, the SDW team will need to provide updated privileges. Since you are internal NetApp I will cc you on my communication with the SDW PM.
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