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what is cDOT?

Would you please send me any links/docs on bottom-to-top details about cDOT? Appreciate your help


Re: what is cDOT?

Would you please send me links for documents? It seems the link you post here is for classes. I am not ready for classes yet.


Re: what is cDOT?

This is a 5 hours training video for FREE. It covers a lot of ares.


Re: what is cDOT?

we have 2 FAS3050 nodes cluster, and running OnTap 7.3.7 version. Would you please tell me what type of OnTap is it? Is it 7-MODE OnTap, Cluster OnTape, or 7G OnTap?

I am a little confused with these 3 types. If you can please clear this out for me, It'd be great helpful for me to continue on cDOT. Appreciate your help!

Re: what is cDOT?

if you run 'sysconfig' command, you'll see what type of DOT it is.

Good luck


Re: what is cDOT?

7.3.7 is 7G

Re: what is cDOT?

Follow this link and find the posts on cluster-mode in the right side column


Re: what is cDOT?

HI cDOT starts from version 8.0 onwards. There is no concept of c-mode in 7.x or earlier versions.

Re: what is cDOT?

the link seems disappeared.

Can somebody PLEASE find the active link for me?

Re: what is cDOT?



> the link seems disappeared.

The link is still working.


You can also use following link for some information of Clustered Data ONTAP.




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