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How to re-create vault relationship without losing the existing snapshots on the destination volume


Hi ALl,

We have migrated one of the SVM by using SVM level replication from Cluster-A to Cluster-B due to cluster-A going to decommission and we already had vault relationship from Cluster-A to cluster-C with 30 daily snapshots as we maintain 30days of data retention on the DR cluster (i.e cluster-C) .We are going to cutover the SVMs to cluster-B ,now i need to create vault relationship from cluster-B to cluster-C with existing volumes which were destination volumes for cluster-A  and i should not loss the 30days snapshots on DR volumes .i know snapmirror resync will resync the incremental data but not sure will this delete the existing snapshots or not .please help me what steps do i need to follow .

Please let me know if any more details required .

Thank you in advance

Vajrala R

Raveendra Vajrala



With XDP relationships, once you will have a single common snapshot on both systems, they will start to sync from that point. Which means if there are snapshots on the destination more recent than the common snapshot, ONTAP will delete all newer snapshots. The only way to preserve newer snapshots on the destination, in this case, to create FlexClone from that volume or obviously, reverse replication.