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How to receive the Traps only through SNMPv3 in ONTAP 7-mode/C-mode device?




How to disable SNMPv1/SNMPv2C in 8.3.x C-Mode device & I would like to receive the Traps through SNMPv3 only @ destination host side.


Here the steps followed.


I ensured the Community string is not configured (public community string is deleted) & It has SNMPv3 user created. Traphost is configured to receive the Traps.


SOM83Cluster::> security login create -user-or-group-name md5 -application snmp -authmethod usm -role admin


Enter the authoritative entity's EngineID [local EngineID]:

Which authentication protocol do you want to choose (none, md5, sha) [none]: md5

Enter the authentication protocol password (minimum 8 characters long):

Enter the authentication protocol password again:

Which privacy protocol do you want to choose (none, des) [none]: des

Enter privacy protocol password (minimum 8 characters long):

Enter privacy protocol password again:


SOM83Cluster::> security snmpusers -instance


    Vserver: SOM83Cluster

              User Name: md5

  Authentication Method: usm

              Engine Id: 800003150563412fba6cf5e5119d3d0050568e4ff5

Authentication Protocol: md5

       Privacy Protocol: des

         Security Group: readwrite



But still the trap received @ destination host is showing the SNMP version as V1.


So, Can you please help me on disabling SNMP v1/V2c? I would like to receive the traps through SNMPv3 only.


Your help is appreciated.




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