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How to remove SM relationship after volume migrations


I have successfully migrated a volume from source to destination filer. Then after that, I did  quiesce and break, as well as release (from the source). However, the SM relationship is still there and shown as "broken off" after I run "snapmirror status" . How do I remove this line?

there is no definition in /etc/snapmirror.conf. I can not remove the base snapshot on the destination, because it is Production now after the migration.

Please help me out!



You will only ever need that if you need to revert back..  Since you don't you can safely remove it.  There will be no impact to product data if you remove a snapshot.

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Use snapmirror destinations to remove the active snapmirror list broken-off relationship .

Also remove from /etc/snapmirror.conf those relationship.

You always need to follow this few steps :

Snapmirror Quiesce

Snapmirror Break

Snapmirror Delete

Check and remove /etc/snapmirror.conf line

Could take a few minutes to show on System Manager so be patient.



You need to remove remaining SnapMirror snapshots on destination.


Right. I know it'd remove the line by removing snapshots. However, as I said, the destination is already in Production now. Would it cause any issues if I removed snapshots on the destination? and should remove all snapshots including the base?

Looking forward to hear you again.


You need to remove only SnapMirror snapshots. I am not aware of any issues caused by it- you can delete any snapshot at any time.

Remove the snapmirror base snapshot from destination volume.Use snapmirror status -l command to get the base snapshot information.

If I remove the snapmirror base snapshot, do I have to rebase it?

HOw do I distinguish SM snapshots, and none-SM snapshots?


Snapmirror snapshots have name pattern dest_name(sysid)_name.number. Of course, it may also be created manually, but I have never seen it.

I do not understand second question. What “rebase” means here?


My 2nd question is , if I remove the base snapshot, Do I then have to run the baseline (initialization) again?

I thought the baseline will create the base snapshot.

snapmirror snapshot is named as destfilerhostname(sysid)_destvolumename.number.

for 2nd question, i am not really sure the purpose of rebase. If the volume is already used as production volume, why do you need to re initialized.

However, the answer is Yes. You need to re initialized the snapmirror if you remove the base snapshot.

Not quite. It is always possible to resync as long as some common snapshot exists. SnapMirror snapshots are not special in this respect.


I can not do re-initializatoin, since the SRC has been or should be abondoned. If I understand correctly, re-initialization would damange the data on SM dest which has been in Production already.

I am still no so clear, if I remove the base snapshot, would that have any impact on the Destination(primary Production now)?


This thread is confusing...

A snapmirror destination isn't in production b/c if's read-only.  From what I gather you broke off a relationship and the old snapmirror desitnation is now production.

Are you not snapmirroring the new production volume to another filer for DR?   

If you don't plan on re-using the src, as others has said, you need to remove the snapmirror base snapshot.  


JGP, I have migrated the volume to another filer (not DR dest), so, I no longer need the original production filer now. The problem is now bt the origianl production filer and the new production filer.

So, I can not resync the src, since it has already been abandoned.

I might be missing sth, in order to get rid of "broken-off" line, as suggested, I need to delete base snapshot on DEST. By removing this destination, would that cause issues on now production volume?


You keep saying Destination... That's your new Source production volume. 

As others have said there is NO issue in remove that snapmirror snapshot.   

Why would you think this affects production?


You are correct, this is now the new SRC. So, I have been asked to remove the base snapshot from the new SRC production, I don't know, but, would that cause any issues? and why?


I feel like we are going around in circles...

There are no issues, you are never going back to your old source.  


I got the part of no issues.

I thought it is part of now production data, Isn't? by this thought, won't I remove production data, if I remove base snapshot? I guss, I don't understand what role the base snapshot plays...


You will only ever need that if you need to revert back..  Since you don't you can safely remove it.  There will be no impact to product data if you remove a snapshot.

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