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vFiler cifs setup Error 10: Referral received



i have a problem with one of our customers. I need to setup some vFilers (7-Mode 8.1.3) and when i run the setup for cifs i always get an error called "Thu Mar 20 09:05:24 CET [atgrfs003@atgrfs001:cifs.ldap.processingFail:error]: LDAP: Could not create Active Directory account for the filer. Error 10: Referral received" I already moved the host system (atgrfs001) to the same domain without a problem but I'm unable to get the vfilers in. I'll already tried to create the computer account in AD manually, but this doesn't help ether.

I checked the DNS, Time Services and so on and i also tried to join a different Domain, and this worked so i suggest that the problem is within the specified domain, but why i was able to join the Physical Filer without a problem?

Does anyone have a hint or any idea or maybe even better a soultion? 😉

Thanks for your support



Re: vFiler cifs setup Error 10: Referral received



Are they in the same vlan? Do You have firewalls rules between your AD controllers and your filer?

Re: vFiler cifs setup Error 10: Referral received


I found the soultion, it seems that it has something to do with the Ontap Version. I just had a new filer, which came with Ontap 8.1.3 and i had the same issue once more. After upgrading to 8.1.4P3 it worked fine 🙂

Maybe someone has the same issue and hit my post while searching on google.

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