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How to transform a Metro Custer to a single Cluster


Hi all,

We would like to transform our Fabric Metro-Cluster to a single Cluster and we want to group both FAS3170 in the same computer room.

On each FAS3170, the mirrored aggregate contains the root.

It is an impossible issue ?

What is the best way to perform it ?

Many thanks for your help



Remove aggregate plexes in one location, move head from this location to another, remove FC-VI cards (you won’t need them for local HA pair), insert head in chassis, cable shelves for local configuration. Basically just it.


Sorry for the delay to be answered.

To understand well before action. On each FAS3170, the mirrored aggregate contains the root and I just need to remove aggregate plexes in one location without problem on the root volume ? There is no problem with the datas accommodated in pool0 ?

I think, I can extend shelf without stopping the production.

Many thanks

Yes, you can split mirror without any issue. Just pay attention which plex is on which site.

Many thanks Aborzenkov.

Many thanks. I transfer the last datas and I can try this solution.

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