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How do I enable IPv6 for CIFS on a vFiler?


I've got two FAS2240-2 running 8.1.4P2 7-Mode in an HA pair, with two vFilers (one on each). What I want is to enable IPv6 access for CIFS on these vFilers.

I got it working on vfiler0 no problem, but I can't seem to figure out how to assign an IPv6 address to a vFiler and have it use it for CIFS. I tried "vfiler add [filername] -i [ipv6address]" and it accepted that, but when I try to access the file shares from a Windows computer all I get is "The network path was not found". I can access it over IPv4.

Additionally, when I try to ping an IPv6 address from within the vFiler context I get "sendmsgping6: wrote [address] 16 chars, ret=-65". Pinging from global/vfiler0 works as expected.

Note: I enabled IPv6 on the filers with "options ip.v6.enable on" and "options cifs.ipv6.enable on" for both vfiler0 and the additional vFilers.


Re: How do I enable IPv6 for CIFS on a vFiler?


Nevermind, I figured it out.

For the record: Running "vfiler status -r" on either filer showed that the IPv6 address was indeed added to the vFiler but "unconfigured" (while the IPv4 address was listed as belonging to a physical interface). Simply had to add the address to a physical interface after adding it to the vFiler (seems kinda obvious in retrospect) 😃

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