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Intercluster data transfer via HA pair cluster membership change

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This question came up today at work and although I don't believe it's possible based on my understanding of CDOT I wanted to ask the community to confirm.

Let's say I've got a huge amount of data (say 20TB) and I need to move it from one CDOT cluster to another.  I know I can do this via snapmirror but is there a way I can do this by pulling an HA pair out of the source cluster and moving that pair to the destination cluster, preserving the data on that HA pair?

Since volumes live in SVMs and SVMs don't span clusters I don't believe this is possible.  But what if I created an SVM just for this purpose and isolated it to only utilize the aggregates on the HA pair I was going to move to a new cluster?  Is it possible to preserve this SVM and its volumes as part of the process of removing the HA pair from cluster 01 and adding the HA pair to cluster 02?

The use case for this might be a movement of data from one datacenter to another so that I don't have to wait a long time for a network transfer of all this data.  Thanks!



Re: Intercluster data transfer via HA pair cluster membership change

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Hey Dave,

it's not possible because as you already said volumes are linked to SVMs and SVMs are part of the RDB which can't be transfered between clusters. So you can move your data on a shelf from one datacenter to another but it would be useless as the volumes won't have a link to an SVM in the new cluster.



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