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Intermittent failure of some users to connect to a NAS share from Windows clients


I've been attempting to troubleshoot an intermittent issues a couple of our staff are experiencing with connection to a CIFS share.


We use DFS to provide a single point of access to our staff, with CIFS shares.


These couple of staff are connecting from Windows Terminal Server 2003 and Windows 7 client machines.


When they try to open a certain folder they receive an "Access is denied" error which normally points at an ACL issue, in this case there are no apparent ACL issues and a restart corrects the problem for the Windows 7 clients, the Terminal Server seems to correct itself.  Repeat the next day.  No one else has reported the issue, and I've been unable to see anything in the Windows logs.


Is there something I can do from the NetApp side to continue troubleshooting?





This problem may not be Data ONTAP 8.3.2 each Storage Virtual Machine (SVM) has its' own logical namespace.  A volume joins the namespace when provisioning volumes.  Junctions described joined volumes within e SVM namespace.  An SVM root volume is represented by the slash (/) in the namespace, to start. you can share    Microsoft Active Directory Mechanism  <symbol links>Dfs namespace is a referral link to smb/cifs shares and enumerate folders.   Microsoft Support.   folder NTFS Security and Share Permission structure.  This problem is probably resolved by now.