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LUN Migrations 7-mode to CDOT


My company is in the process of migrating data from a pair of 7-mode controllers over to a new pair of Cluster Mode controllers. We do have quite a few RDM LUNs where VMWare Storage vMotion cannot be used. So with that said, what is the next best method that people have used to migrate data? From what I know and have read on here, Robocopy with the /MT switch might be the best way to go. Would anyone who has completed such a migration like to weigh in and let me know what worked well for you? Thanks in advance.


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Can this method be used to transition both SAN & NAS Data ?


Transitioning volumes manually

You can copy data from the  7-Mode volumes to the  clustered Data ONTAP  volumes manually by using the clustered Data ONTAP SnapMirror commands. However, you must manually set up protocols, services, and other configuration on the cluster after transition  is complete.

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No. But there are WFA workflows available which re-create LUN after snapmirror based on raw data and metadata that was collected on the source. I do not know if (when) these workflows will be publicly available, so you should speak with your partner/NetApp contact about them.

As far as I understand, this is expected eventually be included in 7MTT.

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Thank you about the WFA info

In addition found this for NDMPcopy>> https://kb.netapp.com/support/index?page=content&id=1013825&locale=en_US

The official NetApp doc also confirms the same >> https://library.netapp.com/ecmdocs/ECMP1141755/html/GUID-2B7FC913-4B02-43C9-865A-FB7D44ADB40F.html

have these SM & NDMPCOPY options incorporated into 8.2.1 ? why do they show up on official NetApp docs

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How is NDMP relevant?

The first doc says clearly:

"Note: NDMPCOPY might not work and should not be used to copy the LUNs from 7-Mode to clustered Data ONTAP, because the LUN subsystem in clustered Data ONTAP does not understand the LUN subsystem in 7-Mode. The LUN is restored as a file on the destination storage system and same goes for clustered Data ONTAP to 7-Mode"

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We are speaking to our vendor who has shared info about WFA, which i believe was released a couple of weeks ago and is internal to NetApp.

That tool will create a second copy of the LUN  on any of the 7 mode systems before migrating data to CDOT systems. There is a necessity of 1 Hop

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We've used it for one customer already. It's pretty hacky, but it does work.

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Hi Dawson,

Can you please elaborate on how you used the tool. is it available for public?

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All depends on the application and the options you want to use and can use. 7MTT v2.0 supports cDOT 8.3 LUN migration and cutover but still requires OS Disk offlining and reconnecting but the backend is migrated seemlessy.


The other ways are more time consuming and should be broken up in application or service types as a project.


NetApp supports standalone 7-Mode transitions to cDOT so from cDOT CLI and from there you can do an application based migration. Example Microsoft Exchange you could do a user mailbox migration to a new storage group.


Transitioning a stand-alone volume manually



Exchange 2010



How to move Microsoft SQL Server database to another drive partition



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