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Netapp CDOT Flash Cache and Priority


In OnTap 7 you could use the priority command to sepcify that cache is not used for particular volumes.


Can anyone give me an example of how you can acheive this in CDOT 8.2.2?


I'd like to define some volumes never to hit the Flashcache if possible.


Re: Netapp CDOT Flash Cache and Priority


priority (FlexShare) is not available in cDOT


Flash Cache in cDOT is managed in the same way as in 7-mode



cluster1::> node run -node local options flexscale
flexscale.enable             off
flexscale.lopri_blocks       off
flexscale.normal_data_blocks on
flexscale.pcs_high_res       off
flexscale.pcs_size           256GB
flexscale.random_write_through_blocks off
flexscale.readahead_blocks   off
flexscale.rewarm             off

Re: Netapp CDOT Flash Cache and Priority


So there is no way to do this in CDOT currently.


Does anyone know if this will be implemented at some point?  Seems useful to be able to omit certain workloads from flash cache.

Re: Netapp CDOT Flash Cache and Priority


Hi All,


This is neto from Brazil


How are you?


It's right, but thinking out of the box....


if you do not prioritize one volume, you are prioritizing others....


Why not to use QoS not to prioritize the workload but to restrict the workload that you do not want. 


Indirectly (this is important) you are giving more room for the other workloads.


Not a way to prioritize.... but it's a good start. 





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