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Listing all connected clients to a volume?






This probably has been discussed many times but I am trying to get an authorative answer as to whether ONTA 9.x has a way to show which NFS clients are currently mounting to a particular volume. NetApp support just told me there is no way to do so but I am hoping it's not true so I turn to this community to see if anyone out there has a better idea. This should be something very doable and every enterprise storage solution should have it.





Hi, unfortunately I believe Support are correct. I think you need a combination of the statistics top client and statistics top file commands. Cheers.


Hi Achou, is there just one type of server OS mounting to an NFS export ? i.e. if it's VMware I would use powercli to search through my hosts and see which ESXi hosts are mounted to that namespace/volume




I think using statistics top file show - will be your best bet, however you need to specify -max 10 (Change 10 to the amount of hosts you have in your environment, I think max is 100 for this value) 


The sort-key switch will sort on volume


::> statistics top file show -sort-key volume -max 10



Hi David,


Thanks for the suggestion. However, even in diag when I tried it, there is no 'volume' sort key:


::*> statistics top file show -sort-key
    read_ops   write_ops  other_ops  total_ops  read_data  write_data


::*> statistics top file show -sort-key volume -max 10

Error: command failed: Unsupported sort-key counter: only "selector" counters are valid for statistically tracked
       objects. For a list of valid sort-key counters, use this diagnostic command: "statistics catalog counter show
       -object top_file -properties *selector*"


::*> statistics catalog counter show -object top_file -properties *selector*

Object: top_file
    Counter                     Description
    --------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
    other_ops                   Estimated Other Operations
    read_data                   Estimated Bytes From Read Operations
    read_ops                    Estimated Read Operations
    total_data                  Estimated Total Bytes From All Operations
    total_ops                   Estimated Total Operations
    write_data                  Estimated Bytes From Write Operations
    write_ops                   Estimated Write Operations
7 entries were displayed.







Sorry I think I wrote that reply late at night 🙂


If you use the command:


::> statistics top file show -sort-key total_ops -max 100


Then copy that table to excel and use the sort feature in there for volumes.


Hi David,

Thanks but could you let me know what version of ONTAP you used?


I only get the following output fields even in diag mode. There is no client information in the output.


::*> statistics top file show -sort-key total_ops -max 20

filer01 : 6/5/2017 16:50:11
      IOPS       Node  Vserver             Aggregate Volume File
---------- ---------- -------- --------------------- ------ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------





Any solutions  to see the hosts ?