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Snapmirror with Steelhead WAN Optimizer

Hi, everyone.

In my evironment, i currently have FAS2552 runnning snapmirror over WAN. However,  the transfer time is extremely long, so i think that would like to utilize Riverbed Steelhead to compress snapmirror data.


The version of NetApp and Steelhead are as follows,are they supported?


Has anyone running Steelhead with clustered Data ONTAP?


RiOS: 9.2.1d
clustered Data ONTAP: 8.3.1





Re: Snapmirror with Steelhead WAN Optimizer

Im of the opinion to bypass the optimizers.  The netapp devices have all the efficiency builtin / dedupe compression that gets replicated.



Re: Snapmirror with Steelhead WAN Optimizer

Steelhead only support 7 mode acording to any documents i could find (including rivebed ones from this year) . try to see if there Snapmirror built in optimization you can implement or look for any network issues that can be resolved

Gidi Marcus (Linkedin) - Storage and Microsoft technologies consultant - Hydro IT LTD - UK

Re: Snapmirror with Steelhead WAN Optimizer

We've enabled the SnapMirror network compression feature for all our relationships and seen some very good levels, reduced traffic alot.


snapmirror policy modify with the -is-network-compression-enabled true parameter.




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