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ONTAP Discussions

MCTB Version 2.4.0 released


I have just released MCTB 2.4.0.  This release uses a new algorithm which defers the TCP connection test, happening only when all other criteria for CFOD have already been met.  This will speed cycle time and reduce the number of TCP sockets used during each polling cycle (which Windows systems can have difficulty with).   Also included is an improved method for avoiding false CFODs during normal giveback operations.  Improvements to logging and other areas have also been made.  This release has been thoroughly tested in the lab.  As always, please post any questions or issues to this forum.

The software is available on the utility tool chest: http://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/mctb/





Upgrade Procedure:

  1. You can upgrade in place from any previous release of MCTB
  2. Stop the MCTB Windows service or Linux daemon prior to the upgrade (no need to stop DFM)
  3. Install the release according to the instructions in the Admin Guide.  There is no need to delete the existing plugin, and you can upgrade from any previous release of MCTB.  The only difference from the instructions in the Admin Guide is that you will be asked to confirm an "Upgrade" instead of an "Install".
  4. On Windows only, run the "uninstall" and then the "install" script commands after the upgrade.  This can help avoid service start issues.
  5. On Windows only, confirm that the service startup type is set to "Automatic (Delayed Start)"


I am trying to locate the installation and admin document.

Can you please provide a link?

Dear Charlotte, very thanks. I upgrade the tiebreaker form 2.2.0 to 2.4.0. But I have Another question. In test environment, use Tiebreaker 2.2.0 the “POLLINGINTERVAL set 5s, CONNECTTIMEOUT set 5s CONNECTRETRIES set 1” When happened CFOD, the test result: ping down site filer IP address lost:50packet, service hung:63s Then update tiebreaker version to 2.4.0,use “POLLINGINTERVAL set 5s, CONNECTTIMEOUT set 5s CONNECTRETRIES set 1” When happened CFOD, the test result: ping down site filer IP address lost:91packet, service hung:107s I understand, the result is very approach. But this result is very big different. This result is normal?


Hi - I want to know the “POLLINGINTERVAL, CONNECTTIMEOUT CONNECTRETRIES” having an effect on COFD time's "takeover duration time is 33 seconds"



Hi experts,  


I have some questions related to 3 parameters:  “POLLINGINTERVAL”, “CONNECTTIMEOUT”, “CONNECTRETRIES”.


IHAC tried to check takeover time under different settings of these parameters. They use “ping” to ping filer IP address and check how much package lost before the client receives feedbacks again.


According to our understanding, the smaller these parameters, the quicker the takeover will be. 


But from the testing results, it seems the takeover time doesn’t related to these 3 parameters?


 Thanks a lot,


Sure,  the software is available on the NetApp Support site: http://support.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/mctb/

The Admin doc is available on the community here: https://communities.netapp.com/docs/DOC-18941

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