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MTU on CDOT 8.3


Hello Everyone 


If my Broadcast domain has an MTU of 9000, but my ifgrp and ports have MTU 1500 is my resulting MTU 1500? Reason for asking I saw documentation for 8.3 that modifying MTU on a broadcast doamin will change all the ports.


However if i do a vmkping (from ESX host) with a jumbo packet it fails.  


When i look at the ports and ifgrp i am seeing MTU of 1500. 


Next question, how can i change MTU size of ifgrp and ports without having to delete the lifs? Can i migrate the lifs? 





First check the broadcast domains using below command.


 broadcast-domain show


2. Remove ifgrp from broadcast domain.


 broadcast-domain remove-ports -broadcast-domain BDname -ports WBNETAPPCL01-01:a0a -ipspace Default


3. Please use the below command to change MTU


network port modify -node WBNETAPPCL01-01 -port a0a -mtu 9000


4. Add them to new broadcast domain


 broadcast-domain add-ports -broadcast-domain BDname -ports WBNETAPPCL01-01:a0a -ipspace Default