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Manageontap JAR Keep-Alive header's timeout


In my project i am making frequent calls of invokeEle() method of manageontap JAR.

This was creating too much traffic on AD server as for each invokeEle() NetApp makes 1 AD authentication.


After research i found NaServer have setKeepAliveEnabled() method If we set that as "true", Manageontap will maintain session and reuse it for subsequent calls.

But from NetApp side in response we could see following message from NetApp


Read Line === Keep-Alive: timeout=5, max=100
Read Line === Connection: Keep-Alive


This means even though we set "Keep-Alive" flag at client set, NetApp will bydefault keep connection timeout only for 5 seconds, If there is gape of 5+ seconds between 2 NetApp calls, Server reject the request and it require AD authentication again.


Anyone can please tell me how we can increase this timeout from 5 to 100 second?

That will be really helpful.


Also there is a method in NaServer setTimeout() , but this timeout is only for how long a client will wait for response after request sending.