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Maximum number of SnapMirror relationships


Can someone point me to the doc that shows the maximum number of SnapMirror relationships that can be established in Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2? I assume the number will depend on the model.  I saw a doc for 8.2 7-mode but do not see one for 8.2 C-mode.




I looked pretty carefully and asked several people .. and have not found a customer-facing doc which answers this question.  You may see something as part of the next clustered Data ONTAP launch.  Until then, talk to your NetApp reseller if you're an end user, or to your NetApp contact if you're a reseller.  Or, here's what I found ...

Keep in mind that replication operations include intercluster and intracluster data protection mirrors, load-sharing mirrors, and volume move and volume copy operations. Frequent volume move and volume copy operations should be considered when determining the number of simultaneous transfers in an environment.  Simultaneous replication operations are limited to a certain number of concurrent streams or active endpoints. Any replication stream consumes two endpoints, one on the source node and one on the destination node. If the source and destination nodes are the same, for example, if you are performing a volume move between two different aggregates on the same node, then the stream consumes two endpoints. The maximum active endpoints that follow pertain to an HA pair in storage failover (SFO) mode as well. SFO mode means that one node of an HA pair has failed and the surviving node is now serving the client and replication load of both nodes.

                                                        Clustered Data ONTAP 8.1         Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2


Total configured SnapMirror relationships per cluster



(max number of volumes supported in the cluster, whichever is smaller)



(max number of volumes supported in the cluster, whichever is smaller)


Simultaneous transferring endpoints per node—high-end platforms (> 8G memory)


100 (max for single node in SFO)


100 (max for single node in SFO)


Simultaneous transferring endpoints per node—mid-range platforms (> 8G memory)



(max for single node in SFO)



(max for single node in SFO)


Simultaneous transferring endpoints per node—low-end platforms (< 8G memory)



(max for single node in SFO)



(max for single node in SFO)


Max fan-out from source for DP mirror


4 destinations per source volume


~8* destinations per source

*Having a high fan-out number may affect source volume performance, and hence we recommend keeping the fan-out number to approximately 8.

I hope this helps.




Thanks for the information. I assume this will become part of a SnapMirror guide for Clustered Data ONTAP at some point in the future.




Yes, it has in the past and folks who claim to know, claim that it'll happen as part of the next major release.  I'll watch for it.



Is there a definitiive source of this snapmirror endpoint limits somewhere in the data protection guides for a current cdot 8.3.1?  I searched all html and pdf documentation for "limits" and found none for snapmirror.


There are cDOT Maximums documents; if you are a partner you may chek whether you can access it:


Clustered Data ONTAP Maximum Configuration Guides


your link is to field portal, not accessable to 99% of us