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Memory Upgrade FAS3160?




We currently have two 3160s in a HA pair. Both of them house 8GB of memory each (confirmed by sysconfig -a command). Both of these systems are running Ontap 8.2.2


We back up alot of data from these filers via Backupexec using NDMP. I just learned that NDMP DUMP has a limitation of 4 concurrent NDMP data streams dependant on your RAM.  This is not ideal for our organisation.


Reasearch revelas that the 3160 can support a maximum of 16GB of RAM. Is there any way we can upgrade the RAM on the controllers by a further 8GB? This would unlock 12 additional NDMP Dump data streams (16 in total) and would greatly benefit us.


If this is not possible, do you know how I can get around this the cheapest way possible? 








Re: Memory Upgrade FAS3160?

Each filer model has fixed hardware configuration; it is not possible to change it (except adding supported PCI adapters).
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