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NetApp LUN Deduplication?


There has been quite a bit of chatter lately around NetApp deduplication with LUNs. This talk seems to be propelled by VMware users, but I've also seen a growing number of folks experimenting with dedupe and SharePoint, SQL, Oracle, and other SAN-based apps. So what's the story with NetApp LUNs and dedupe? The simple answer is that it works quite well, as long as you understand how the two interact. Look for an upcoming "Best Practices" guide that will go into more detail about configuring your LUN to take advantage of the space savings from deduplication. In the meantime, feel free to share your experiences. Have you enabled NetApp deduplication on your LUNs? What was your experience? Any advice for others contemplating this?


Re: NetApp LUN Deduplication?


Good news! We've just completed a new paper describing how to configure LUNs and Dedupe. 5 basic LUN configurations are discussed, and the behavior of deduplication with each config is revealed. Must read for anyone using NetApp block-based storage. To download the doc, just go to the documents section of the dedupe community.

Re: NetApp LUN Deduplication?




i can't find the doc.




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