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Reallocate command questions


We recently added another DS2246 SAS shelf to an aggregate, doubling the capacity.  All is going well.  We have been instructed to run "reallocation -f /vol/volx" in order to optimize the data.  I am reading through the "Reallocate Best Practices" guide.  It appears that as long as the filer isn't already overworked (CPU) that running this command should not pose much issue.  The guide does state of "reallocate -f" (forced):


"routine use of reallocate –f is not a best practice."


However, it goes on to state:


"Use forced reallocation after adding disks to an aggregate so that existing data is spread onto the new disks, reducing the time required to balance the load across all the disks."




"Executes reallocate by using physical reallocation. Generally recommended."


Otherwise, the guide states to run: "reallocate measure –o /vol/volx" to see if reallocation is necessary.


I just wanted to check with others on this and get feedback since we have never ran this command.


Thanks much.


Re: Reallocate command questions


you can use reallocate -f -o 


Where -o -will run one time

 -f not really needed for all times but it is not a problem if we use it


Start with one by one volumes in the aggr during non-peak hours (recommended).

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