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Snapmirror from OnTap 8.1.4P2 to OnTap 7.3.7P2


Hi Everyone,
I am currently moving some data from an old FAS2020 running ontap 7.3.7P2 to a FAS2220 running ontap 8.1.4.P2-7-Mode.
I am having no issues snapmirroring the volumes to the new filer, and then sharing them out.
My issue is when I wan to setup a new snapmirror relationship from the new filer to a third filer for DR.

I am trying to snapmirror my 64bit volumes on the FAS2220 to my FAS2040 running ontap 7.3.4.
I am getting the error "Data ONTAP API Failed :Snapmirror error: incompatible snapmirror versions on systems (Error: 13102)".

My question is this, is the issue due to incompatible ontap versions, or is it that I cannot snapmirror from my 64ibt system to the 32bit system?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks so much in advance.



VSM destination must be the same or higher version. It is not supported to do volume snapmirror to lower version.


Ok, thanks. I see 8.1.4P2 is supported for the FAS2040. So the issue isn't related to 64bit vs 32bit then?


No. But while in 8.1.x snapmirror from 64 to 32 is possible, I do not think it was ever considered as permanent solution - more as transition before migrating to 64 bit.


Ok, thanks.


As a side note, if I were to do a qtree snapmirror from the source 32bit volume on the old 7.3.4 filer to a 64bit volume on the new 8.1.4P2 filer, would that achieve the same goal as the volume snapmirror?


the same goal

That obviously depends on goal. For a start, QSM does not replicate existing snapshots nor can it be cascaded. Replicating non-qtree data is possible, but reverting such replication - not. Etc ... It is up to you to decide whether QSM can fulfill your requirements.


you could always use ndmpcopy if you need to get it there soon.  Just make sure you set the ndmp version on both sides to the same level.

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