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Hi guys, running lots of 7-mode v 8.x Ontap filers. I am standardizing our logging by editing the syslog.conf file. One question that popped up is how to control the size of this file e.g. is there an option we can use to configure it's max size? I understand it rolls over weekly but at times we might have to enable debug logging to it (don't ask!) and it can grow very quickly.

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on 7-mode, "man na_syslogd" says, that there is a once per week rotation, so I guess, there's not much you can do regarding log rotation.


What I did was I built a syslog (syslog-ng) server that collects everything off the filer, so I can archive and analyze filer logs as I need it.


Maybe this is an option for you.





Re: Messages Log Size

Thanks for the reply Peter. Yes, I am already syslogging everything out but I'd like to control the file size. Alas, my search continues.
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