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Metrocluster and NDMP Tapebackup


Hi Gurus,


In ONTAP 9.X MetroCluster solution can we configure node scoped NDMP Tape backups from the DR site (assuming SVM scopped will not work as SVMs are not online at DR iste)? please advise





Re: Metrocluster and NDMP Tapebackup



There are specific configuration and node-specific connection methods required to use to perform NDMP backup on an SVM DR. Essentially you must connect directly to the node via the Cluster Management LIF that hosts the volume that is owned by the SVM DR as the DATA LIF for the SVM DR will not be accessible.


Below is a KB that explains briefly NDMP architecture and what conditions where it will and will NOT work on an SVM DR:

NDMP Backup on SVM DR 


To enable node-scope NDMP:

Enable node-scope NDMP 




Team NetApp

Team NetApp

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