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Migrate Aggregate to another cluster



On Ontap 9.1, I have a data aggregate located on a single shelf.

This aggregate contains DP and XDP destinations.

I want to move this aggregate to another cluster (same Ontap version).

How can I reassign my aggregate to the new cluster and reapply SnapMirror / Vault relationships?


Thanks for your help


Re: Migrate Aggregate to another cluster



Source: cluster A, Destination cluster B. New cluster: cluster C.

Currently you have cluster A -->cluster B. 

You could cascade the snapmirror and snapvault relationships from destination cluster to the new cluster. Cluster B -->Cluster C

Once the replication is complete, you can break the mirror and resync with original source. Cluster A --> Cluster C

Refer https://kb.netapp.com/app/answers/answer_view/a_id/1031864

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Re: Migrate Aggregate to another cluster



Thanks for your answer

I know snapmirror cascading but I haven't enough space on cluster C, I want to migrate my aggregate with his data from B to C. (like in 7MTT Copy free)


do you know if it's possible?



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