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Modifiy default SMTP port

Hello community

by searching the documention, I did not find any clear indication about the possibility to change default SMTP number 25 by for exemple 2525 ( we using for security reason)

Is simply use options autosupport.mailhost is supported?

we are using DOT 8.2.2 7mode

Thanks for your reply




Re: Modifiy default SMTP port

Get to the system manager, select the node vserver and autosupport and change the port on the smtp setting.


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Re: Modifiy default SMTP port

select the node vserver

In 7-Mode? Smiley Surprised

Re: Modifiy default SMTP port

Yes we aren't using vserver, it's a FAS3250 running 7 mode

I've read all DOT8.2 7mode, nothing about using another port than 25 for SMTP

The problem is,our network and security team use port 2525 and it's working for other system


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