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space reclaim flexvol attached Fibre LUN question


Hi Folks


I have a question regarding space reclaim on a flexvol volume. Any flexvols we have presented on our NetApp are only used as VMware datastores.


I have storage Vmotion some VMs across different datastores as I am looking to decommision one of the datastores so I can give space back to the aggregate.


So in VMware the 2TB volume that i moving VMs from has now correctly gone down to 1.71TB remaining which is correct as 1 VMs still remains




but looking on the Netapp side the space hasn't reflected the same.




From reading similar posts is this because I am using Fibre LUNs as opposed to NFS?


Is there any way I can set it up so its shows the true space used and freed? I do have snapshots still associated with this flexvol. Would clearing these give back the space to the volume?


ANy advice on this would be appreciated.



Re: space reclaim flexvol attached Fibre LUN question


it's 100% b/c you are using LUNs and not NFS


if you are looking to remove the datastore, which means you are vacating the LUN, at that point you can remove it from the aggregate right?




Re: space reclaim flexvol attached Fibre LUN question


if you have installed NetApp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) for VMware, you could reclaim the space on the LUN too. But as mentioned in the previous post, after moving all the VMs, you could destroy the LUN, that will bring the space back to the flexvol. Please note that  there would be only a little space added back to the aggregate , unless you delete all the old snapshots on that volume.

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