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NDMP oddities

Hey Guys,

I’m seeing some strange activity with one of my hosts and ndmp... hoping someone can shed some light.

I have a cluster I’ve added to DFM using the NMC.... when adding the hosts using the wizard, I’m prompted to enable ndmp, I select yes and enter the ndmp cred's.  The problem I’m facing is that I’m only getting to the point where I’m asked to enable ndmp, no prompt to specify the cred's.  Funny thing is as soon as I complete the wizard and have enabled ndmp, I see that the host status of ndmp is down and cred's are bad.  I go through the wizard again (and again) and each time, it tells me ndmp is down.  I have verified that ndmp is in fact enabled from the cli....

Here is a /snip from the ‘dfm host diag’

NDMP Ping              Passed (port 10000, 0 ms)
NDMP Connect           Error: Couldn't authenticate NDMP connection to host <ip addy>

Here is a /snip from the dfmserver.log

Feb 16 09:44:02 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: SO_KEEPALIVE = 1

Feb 16 09:44:02 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: process 5412 receiving 4000 bytes from <ip addy>:4135

Feb 16 09:44:03 [dfmserver: INFO]: [5412:0x1de4]: NDMP_NOTIFY_CONNECTION_STATUS callback: 'CONNECTED'

Feb 16 09:44:03 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: process 5412 receiving 4000 bytes from <ip addy>:4135

Feb 16 09:44:04 [dfmserver: INFO]: [5412:0x1de4]: ndmputil_open: negotiated NDMP version 4 with server <ip addy>.

Feb 16 09:44:04 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: process 5412 receiving 4000 bytes from <ip addy>:4135

Feb 16 09:44:05 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: process 5412 receiving 4000 bytes from <ip addy>:4135

Feb 16 09:44:06 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: process 5412 receiving 4000 bytes from <ip addy>:4135

Feb 16 09:44:07 [dfmserver: INFO]: [5412:0x1de4]: ndmputil_do_transaction: NDMP communication error: ndmp_send_auth_info: sending id/password: 0x4 (Connection has not been authorized)

Feb 16 09:44:07 [dfmserver:DEBUG]: [5412:0x1de4]: ndmputil: NDMP connect failed to fsg04cpe.rim.net: Couldn't authenticate NDMP connection to host <ip addy>

If anyone has run into this or has any info regarding, i would be most grateful!



Re: NDMP oddities

From the NMC you should be able to click edit under hosts, then enter both controller and ndmp username and password.

If using the root account, for ndmp the root password works.  If using a non-root admin account, you need to run "ndmpd password username" and use the output (password hash) for the ndmp password.


Re: NDMP oddities

Hi Scott,

You mention "cluster". Do you mean an active-active pair of filers running 7.X ?


Re: NDMP oddities

What you mentioned is what I would normally do if I add a client using the WebUi.  I've attempted this but, for whatever reason, it will not allow me to specify the ndmp credentials... it doesn't even give me the option.  Even if i enable ndmp at the cli, it still shows as disabled through the nmc.


Re: NDMP oddities

Yes, clustered 6080 in an active/active configuration running 8.0.1D5.


Re: NDMP oddities

NetApp Alumni

Is SnapVault or SnapMirror licensed on the HA Pair?

   - Rick -

Re: NDMP oddities

What version of DFM are you running?

It's certainly odd. I don't ever recall the host diagnostic wizard skipping the NDMP credentials page.

From the DFM CLI, you can user "dfm host set <hostname> hostNdmpLogin=plugh hostNdmpPassword=xyzzy" to set the credentials (fill in the right values, of course). From there, "dfm host diag" should show the NDMP conectivity working. This is essentially what the host diag wizard does. Once that's working, the rest of Protection Manager should start working.

-- Pete


Re: NDMP oddities

When I hit ndmp problems I go through these steps.

1) On the filer, run 'options ndmpd' and make sure ndmp is enable and access is set correctly

ndmpd.access                 all       
ndmpd.authtype               challenge 
ndmpd.connectlog.enabled     off       
ndmpd.enable                 on        
ndmpd.ignore_ctime.enabled   off       
ndmpd.offset_map.enable      on        
ndmpd.password_length        16        
ndmpd.preferred_interface    disable   
ndmpd.tcpnodelay.enable      off      

2) On the filer, run 'ndmp status'

ndmpd ON.
No ndmpd sessions active.

3) On the DFM system, use the command line like this, assuming the filer is already known to DFM

dfm host set <file_name> hostNdmpLogin=<user> hostNdmpPassword=<password>

4) Run 'dfm host diag <filer_name>' to make sure the NDMP status is good.


Re: NDMP oddities

yes, both.


Re: NDMP oddities

Hey Pete,

I have 4.0D24 running... A recent upgrade from D12.

I gave the "dfm host set <hostname> hostNdmpLogin=root hostNdmpPassword=xxxx" a try specifying root and leaving the passwd blank… as I sort of expected that it didn’t work,  message below:

C:\>dfm host set <filer> hostNdmpLogin=root hostNdmpPassword=
Left settings for host <filer> (52713) unchanged.

I re-ran and set the ndmp credentials, this time specifying root's passwrd.  Seems to have worked and now, i get the ndmp cred’s option in the 'edit' wizard and I’m not getting my host diag to succeed.


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