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ONTAP Discussions

NFS: v4 server .. turned a bad sequence-id error!


Redhat 6.9 on our client Linux box, ONTAP 9.1 P5 Storage layer


serverx1 kernel: [1550294.152606] NFS: v4 server  returned a bad sequence-id error!

serverx1 kernel: [1550284.154875] NFS: v4 server  returned a bad sequence-id error!

serverx1 kernel: [1550284.159944] NFS: v4 server  returned a bad sequence-id error!


On Apr 26, we had over 9,000 of these appear in /var/log/messages, and NFS mounted Netapp storage showed that over 1,024,000 files were 'open', so Storage layer hung and we were forced to reboot our linux server.


Any ideas?


Thank you





Thank you for reaching NetApp community. Regarding your issue it occurs when NFSv4 client sends old state-id to NetApp & NetApp responds that it is an invalid state-id than expected. So NFSv4 client not querying NetApp to get the most recent state-id, instead it keeps sending old state-id & NetApp keeps responding that it is old state-id. So they both go in indefinite loop at this point. If you capture tcpdump on NFSv4 client side, you would see this occurring continuously. At this point, NFSv4 client hangs or becomes really really slow. If you are running scripts out of NFSv4 exports, they would never complete & corresponding processes would pile up on client.


Can check with RedHat/ Respective application support if they have any patch available for this. This is more likely a O.S/ Application issue rather NetApp.








Redhat is telling us today that this issue is related to a known bug with Ontap 9.1.


They are pointing to Netapp bug ID 1126483:


We are seeing both the "NFS: v4 server  returned a bad sequence-id error!" messages and also object exhaustion (num open files grows to max limit of 1,024,000)


Is this the issue here?


Upgrade to Ontap 9.1P12 should fix??


Thank you for your help on this.




Is there a correlated RedHat bugID that we could reference?

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