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snapmirror svm and vserver config override -command



I’m using Snapmirror to migrate a SVM from a FAS8040 running 8.3.2P12  (populated with 10K disks) to an AFFA300 running 9.3P6 with the following command:

Destination_AFF::> snapmirror create -source-vserver VS1 -destination-vserver VS2 -type DP -throttle unlimited -policy DPDefault -schedule daily -identity-preserve true

It was important for us to use identity-preserve parameter but this fully provisioned (space-guarantee volume) some very large volumes which meant that some of the snapmirror transfers fail. I tried to set space-guarantee to none but I was unable to change the setting as the volume was part of an identity-preserve  snapmirror relationship. I later found out that there was a diag level command

Destination_AFF::> vserver config override -command “vol modify -vserver VS2 -volume -space-guarantee none”  

Which would allow me to change this thin provisioning setting (I wish I knew this before deleting the snapmirror and volume configuration!!!).


My question is, apart from the space-guarantee setting, is it possible to use the vserver config override -command to set volume efficiency to inline compression, inline-dedupe, and data-compaction to true if the source snapmirror volumes don’t have these settings? I just wanted to maximize the space saving capability of the AFFA300. This is a bit of a request I know but your assistance would be greatly appreciated.