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NVE system overhead


We have a 6 node cluster made from FAS8040's and being pushed to enable the volume encryption feature in ONTAP 9.1. Has anyone tried this feature on non AFF systems and seen the CPU impact and general node performance?


Our nodes are running close to 50% untilisation and worried this feature could overload the system?




We have implemented the feature on our FAS8040 flash pool cluster conguration with a average pre encryption load of 35k IOPS. We created some additional test encrypted volumes and pushed the IOPS to 95K (single node) with CPU hitting 75%. There are numerous variables but we have seen very limited impact from enabling the feature.


Did you recieved any update on the system performance overhead ? we are planning to do that in a hybrid array , any suggestions would be appreciated please.


Hi Richard, unfortunately there are a number of factors that may affect performance that I'm not sure somebody else’s experience is going to help you answer the question, certainly not for a yea/nay decision. While not the answer you were looking for I believe the best course is to contact your Sales team who will be able to address your concerns.




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