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Ndmp Error




We are using Networker to take back up with ndmp to tape. Back up starting with no problem but after some time back up failing.


Netapp logs " Error (restore path construction for source inode number has been interrupted due to an abort"


Networker log

"42573:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Error reading. System Error: Connection reset by peer 
42572:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Timeout reading 
42572:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Timeout reading 
42589:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': reply message for sequence 47 is not received. 
42590:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Timeout to receive any message from server. 
42856:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': NDMP data server has an internal error. 
42871:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Error during File NDMP Extraction. 
42866:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Failed to close the tape device: communication failure 
42596:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': data stop: communication failure. 
42840:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': NDMP recover failed. 
42880:nsrndmp_recover:ssid'4105862079': Error during NDMP recover 
16279:recover: NDMP retrieval: child failed with status of 1"



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