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OnTap vSIM OnTap Upgrade - HA?


Hello, I'm coding a WFA workflow that upgrades ontap on all nodes in a OT9+ cluster.  I'm trying to test via ontap simulator containing 2x non-HA nodes but Cluster Upgrade is erroring on HA.  I understand in the past HA on vSIMs was not possible due to difficulty of sharing the NVRAM file without some tricky and very dirty hacking.  Is this still the case?


I have already gone through the link below preparing the vSIM for ontap upgrade, and have completed upgrade successfully using traditional method of node reboot after setting default image.  I would prefer to code using the 1-click Cluster Upgrade though, if possible.






Re: OnTap vSIM OnTap Upgrade - HA?


That is still the case.  HA configuration is tedious.  But there are other options:


If you happen to be with a partner, Lab On Demand has a number of environments with HA simulators.


If you have download access on the support site, you can download the evaluation version on ONTAP Select.  The ONTAP Select Deploy utility can deploy HA instances in 2 node or 4 node configurations.  

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Re: OnTap vSIM OnTap Upgrade - HA?


Do you know where are the instructions for setting up HA for c-mode simulators?

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