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NetApp-Harvest manager poll error




I have recently install Harvest 1.2.2 but get the following error when trying to poll the cDOT cluster;


root@netapp-graphite:/opt/netapp-harvest# /opt/netapp-harvest/netapp-worker -poller "CLUSERNAME"
[2015-11-28 16:49:11] [NORMAL ] WORKER STARTED [Version: 1.2.2] [Conf: netapp-harvest.conf] [Poller: "CLUSTERNAME"]
[2015-11-28 16:49:11] [WARNING] Started in foreground mode; messages to STDERR are redirected to the logfile and are not visible on the console.
[2015-11-28 16:49:11] [NORMAL ] [main] Poller will monitor a [FILER] at ["CLUSTERIP":443]
[2015-11-28 16:49:11] [NORMAL ] [main] Poller will use [password] authentication with username [netapp-harvest] and password [**********]
[2015-11-28 16:49:12] [WARNING] [sysinfo] Update of system-info cache DOT Version failed with reason: Couldn't find end of Start Tag netapp
[2015-11-28 16:49:12] [WARNING] [main] system-info update failed; will try again in 10 seconds.


I can't seem to find supporting information for this error? Any information would be great 🙂






have same problem on new installation of harvest.


Version 1.2.2

cDOT 8.3 and 8.3.1P1


======= Update ==========

after reinstalling Virtual appliance and importing netapp-harvest.conf file, it worked


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