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NetApp Usable Space Calculator


A very basic version of NetApp Usable Space Calculator. Please provide feedback.


March 18, 2014 - Latest version 2.1 - Minor updates to include some new disks and a few disk calculation bugs


Sep 5, 2013 Update: Software Version 2.1. Minor updates - Added 2 new disk sizes ( 1.2 TB SAS & 4 TB SATA )


Aug 8, 2013 Update: I have updated the software version to 2.0 and fixed some bugs.


Also this includes a new feature called Raid Group Size Estimator where you key in disks values, raid type and disk type - the software will attempt to provide the best RG size values either based on NetApp recommendations or Optimal Capacity.(Please note: The Raid group size input in the calculator is only for disk space calculations and this is ignored for the raid group estimator)

I have developed this Raid Group Size Estimator based on many users request. As usual please provide feedback if you do some testing.


Screenshot of new version 2.1 (Software zip attached to this post)




(The below image is a old version. New version available which is 2.1)




The tool is great and I've read through and understand the formulas behind it, however, the "official" Netapp data presented on the Hardware Universe is different to what we get with this tool. With this in mind I have a few questions...


Which can we expect to see (or which is closest) in actual deployment, NUSC or HWU?


Does anyone know what is being used to calculate the figures seen in HWU and why they differ from formula used in NUSC (Mktg Capacity / Physical / Right Sized vs Base 10 / Base 2 / Right-sized)?


With NL-SAS Disks are they subject to the same checksum rules as SATA and subsequent right-sizing (ie. is the sector size the same as SAS or SATA)?


Any plans to update the tool to include new disk szings since last release?


You need to add 400 GB SSD Drives to your mix. Nice Work. I like the recommended section you put in as well.




Nice Tool. do you have updated version.

For the disk type, 600GB SAS - it doesnot show correctly. Please verify at your end. Thanks.


Just following up on this thread. Looking for a way to calculate aggr with 1.8 SAS, 4TB NL SAS, 6TB NL SAS, and ADP flash pools. Great tool! I would love to see a current version. 🙂


Thank you for the tool.  


Is there an updated version of this including bigger SSD drives?


Is there a new version? Do you accept donations? I would definitely help fund your work on keeping this tool up-to-date?


Use netapp synergy..  https://synergy.netapp.com

thats updated with latest hardware as they released.




"Access is not allowed for user type customer"


Hi team,


You can use this, which is pretty good - http://wintelguy.com/netappcalc2.pl



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