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NetApp session isn't disconnected


Dear sir/madam,

I need advice for using Excel file on NetApp storage.

We use NetApp storage as a file server, and the following events sometime happen.

1. Mr.A accesses the file server, directly opens excel file and then closes the file after he edits.

2. Mr.B also accesses the file server, intends to open the excel file same as the one Mr.A opens.

However, Mr.B cannot open the file because someone is editting the file.

And popup window is shown up then asks whether Mr.B opens "read only".

3. While system administrator checks session status, it shows that Mr.A still opens that excel file.

After system administrator makes Mr.A's access disconnect, then Mr.B is able to open the excel file.

I'd like to know are there any similar situation when using the excel file on NetApp storage.

ONTAP version is 7.3.7P2.

Excel file version is 2003 and 2007.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Re: NetApp session isn't disconnected


Hello ,

there are two options needs to be modified as per NetApp to fix this kind of issue . The options are 'cifs.oplocks.enable = on and cifs.oplocks.opendelta = 8 '.Kindly refer the below link to know more about this two options.


hope this will fix your issues.



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